The manga adaptation of Genshi Shonen Ryu (原始少年リュウ Genshi shōnen Ryū) was created by Shotaro Ishinomori due to his dissatisfaction with the Genshi Shonen Ryu anime omitting various elements that were present in Ryu no Michi, particularly the futuristic and science-fiction elements. The manga consists of two volumes and follows a similar premise with Ryu looking for his mother, accompanied by the main characters from the anime, such as Ran and Don. However, the manga tells a completely different story from the anime.


  • Futuristic and science-fiction elements are now present in the manga.
  • Various guest characters that appeared in the anime are omitted from the manga due to the difference in its story.


  • All the characters' appearances are mostly similar to their anime counterpart.

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