Kiba (牙 Kiba) is a recurring character of Genshi Shonen Ryu. Formerly the chief of the Badger Tribe, he swore to hunt down the Tyranno after it had killed his family and tribe. Ever since their meeting, he has become somewhat of a father figure to Ryu and his group.


Kiba was the chieftain of the Badger Tribe, living there happily with his wife, Onami and son, Kumao. During the tribe's grand feast after a successful hunting, the Tyranno came and started slaughtering the entire tribe. After Kiba was injured during the chaos, Kumao refused to leave his side. Kiba told his wife to flee with their son, unfortunately they were spotted by the Tyranno and Kiba could only helplessly watch his wife and son be killed by the Tyranno. With he himself as the only survivor of the Badger Tribe, Kiba eventually regained his strength and tended to his wounds. From that day onwards, he swore that he would hunt the Tyranno and personally kill it to avenge his family.