La Banda TV Ragazzi was an Italian weekly magazine that ran from March 13th to October 17th, 1980 and was published by Casa Editrice Edierre. A few months after it's debut, the magazine changed its name to "Cartoni in Tivù".

Each issue of the magazine featured six complete comics stories, invented and designed by Italian artists based on Japanese anime characters. Most of the stories were usually based on existing episodes, though made much shorter (lasting around 6 to 8 pages) and more kid-friendly for the target audience.


Genshi Shonen Ryu, or more commonly known in Italy as Ryu, il Ragazzo delle Caverne, was adapted into short stories that were included in the magazines.

  • Issue #7 - "La Carica degli Elefanti" (The Charge of the Elephants), based on Episode 18


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