This is a list of tertiary, inconsequential, or unnamed characters who appeared in the Ryu Trilogy and all related media.

Ryu no MichiEdit

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Big Horn TribeEdit

Talon Hunter TribeEdit

The Talon Hunter Tribe was led by Majara.

Badger TribeEdit

Badger tribe

The Badger Tribe was led by Kiba. All of them, including Kiba's wife and son were killed the entire tribe, leaving Kiba as the only survivor who swore to avenge his family and tribesmen.

Yamaneko TribeEdit

The Yamaneko (山猫部族) Tribe was led by Toko's father.

Kasta TribeEdit

The Kasta Tribe (カスタ部族) was led by Milosh, they were driven from their homeland recently by the Malice Tribe and now reside in a cave.

Malice TribeEdit

The Malice Tribe was led by Pasa, they recently took over the Kasta Tribe's hunting ground.

Alara TribeEdit

Alara tribe2

The Alara Tribe (アララ部族) was led by Amra, until he was usurped by his long-lost brother Goro. Amra's wife, Messa, was forced to become the tribe's new leader.

Salaman Islands TribeEdit

Island tribe

The Tribe that resided in the Salaman Islands was led by Sou's father.


A group of of raiders who captured several humans to be sold as slaves. Among their patrons are the Sawaga Tribe, the Dobu Tribe and the Goni Tribe.

Sawaga TribeEdit

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