Ran (ラン Ran) is a main character of Genshi Shonen Ryu. She was separated from her brother Don when her own tribe, the Menam Tribe, sold her to the Big Horn Tribe in exchange for fire.


Ran is a young woman with tan skin, blue pupils, and long sangria hair. Ron wore a red loin cloth and a red flower place on the right side of her head. While traveling through winter terrains, she wore a pair of brown fur boots and a brown fur cape.


Ran first encountered Ryu while she was gathering herbs in the fields. Ryu requested some medicine to treat his adoptive mother, Kitty. As Ran was about to hand him some herbs, a Big Horn Tribe guard attacked Ryu. Ryu was taken to the Big Horn Tribe and was about to be executed, but the Tyranno appeared and slaughtered the tribe, leaving only Ryu and Ran herself as the only survivors. With nowhere else to go, Ryu decided to find his mother and Ran decided to join him and find her brother along the way. Ran and Ryu journeyed through the prehistoric lands, facing numerous perils, such as slavers, hungry predators, and faced the Tyranno on numerous occasions. They eventually encountered, Kiba, a scarred man that has a personal vendetta the Tyranno. During the conflict between Kasta and Malice Tribes, Ran was reunited with her brother, Don, who had been adopted by the Malice Tribe after they had pillaged the Menam Tribe.