Taka (タカ Taka) is one of the main antagonists of Genshi Shonen Ryu. He is a member of the Talon Hunter Tribe who hunted Ryu throughout the series due to his hatred for white skins who were responsible for destroying his original tribe, the Orgone Tribe. He is later revealed to be the brother of Kiba.


Taka was originally born in the Badger Tribe, living with his father and older brother Kiba while he was still an infant. When the tribe was migrating to new territories, they ran out of food and water and seek the aid of the Orgone Tribe, the local tribe residing nearby. The Orgone Tribe agreed to help provide enough food and water, in exchange for the infant Taka, as the Orgone Tribe chief and his wife had no child of their own and wanted to raise one. The Badger Tribe agreed and the tribe left Taka with the Orgone Tribe, the young Kiba was only able to helplessly see his brother taken from him. Taka continued to be raised well by the Orgone Tribe, unaware of his true origins and eventually grew up to become a proficient hunter. His life changed when a mysterious tribe with white-skin men attacked the Orgone Tribe, killing everyone, including his adoptive parents. This traumatic event left Taka with a deep hatred for anyone that bares white skin. Taka was eventually adopted by the Talon Hunter Tribe, rising to become one of the tribe's high-ranking members.