Tyranno close-up

The Tyranno is one of the main antagonists of Genshi Shonen Ryu. It is a carnivorous one-eyed Tyrannosaurus that terrorized many lives during the prehistoric times, mercilessly destroying anything or anyone in its' path.


Tyranno is an large obese brown Tyrannosaurus with one good eye and a blind eye. His arms are very small but he is very strong.


For some the Tyranno is revered as a god, while many others feared it as a demon; it's terrible cry is enough to scare away any living being. Due to it's massive size and brute strength, the Tyranno is nearly impossible to defeat as no other living being was powerful enough to challenge it, making it the most dominant predator that roamed the prehistoric lands. The Tyranno lost it's eye during a confrontation with Kiba, who had been hunting the Tyranno endlessly ever since it killed his family and tribe.


The Tyranno's role in the manga is almost similar to its' anime counterpart, though it appears much less compare to the anime. Like the anime, the Tyranno was about to devour the infant Ryu, only for the latter to be rescued by Kitty. The dinosaur continued pursued them until the two were finally able to successfully evade it. The Tyranno later appeared again several years later, attacking the Big Horn tribe when they were about to execute Ryu and Ran. It devoured Kitty and massacred all the tribesmen, leaving Ryu, Ran, Yamu and an elderly woman as the sole survivors. Ryu and Ran later encountered the Tyranno again in the middle of a storm, though they were able to evade it by swimming through the rapids. The Tyranno appeared several times in Kiba's flashback, where like the anime it was responsible for killing Kiba's wife and tribesmen.


  • Tyranno's roar seems to be a reused roar from Godzilla.
  • The Tyranno's interaction with Kiba is very reminiscence of Captain Ahab and Moby Dick.
  • Unlike a real Tyrannosaurus, Tyranno is shown to be able to use his arms.